30 Days of Introductions

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It’s here, the big one.

Anyone born in the 20th century in now an adult. It is the end of an era, and the 20s are right around the corner.

To kick off the New Year I am going to do a Challenge that I have been putting off for awhile now, a Month of Introductions. 

I have had two big reasons for not doing this ealier:

Reason 1: How can you measure an Introduction and how can you make it Challenge worthy?

After putting in a lot of thought, (taking last month off helped) I have decided to just let the Challenge work its magic and see how it turns out. I am excited to see what it becomes.

Throughout the month I am going to speak with random strangers, sometimes just shortly, others in depth, and at some part in the conversation introduce myself. The only rule is that they need to be strangers, if I have met them in the past it doesn’t count. To some people this might not sound like a Challenge at all, and to others it might be a source of anxiety.

Reason 2: I really hate talking to people.

It quickly became apparent that Reason 1 is just an excuse created by Reason 2.

Although I have never had much trouble talking to people, I have a weird fear of actually Introducing myself to someone. I generally don’t offer my name and I tend to not speak unless spoken too when dealing with strangers.

This month I am going to Challenge myself to be more outgoing and social in a world that keeps becoming less social. I plan on getting a lot of weird looks, awkward conversations, and great stories.

In order to protect the identities of the people I speak with I will never use their names, or disclose the name of location of where we meet.

Let’s begin.

Day 1:

I went to my regular coffee spot and struck up this conversation with one of the workers there:

It’s New Years Day, it’s cold and the coffee shop is empty. I approach the counter, a gentleman with pink hair and a hoodie that could have belonged to Bob Marley takes my order. He is slightly shorter then I am, he gives off the impression that he would rather be left alone. Brooding, comes to mind when describing him.

Me: Did you have a good New Years?

I asked him while placing my order. An iced Americano.

Him: Yeah it wasn’t bad.

Me: Did you have to work?

Him: Nahh, had a show down in Murfreesboro with the band I play with. (Murfreesboro is a small city about half an hour south of Nashville, and yes, everyone in Nashville is in a band)

Me: Oh! Badass. How did it go?

Him: The show went well..

He paused for a few seconds, his hands busy with packing the ground expresso. A young lady entered the shop, she grabbed a menu and stood in line behind me.

Him: My girlfriend drank a bunch during the show, like, four or five high gravity beers.

Me: On no.. (I know how hard hi-grav beers can hit you)

Him: Plus, she didn’t eat all day. She threw up all over my truck.

I laughed.

Me: Damn. That is a Hell of a way to start the New Years. Did she feel better afterwards?

Him: Kinda. She kept apologizing, saying how embarrassed she was. I told her it wasn’t a big deal and that over the course of us dating surely more embarrassing things are going to place. I also have had the truck for more then a year, someone throwing up in it was bound to happen. Room in your Americano?

Me: Fill it to the brim. Yeah, I normally can only go about three months before someone throws up in my car.

He finishes my drink and passes it to me. I hold my hand up.

Me: Jakob.

Day 2:


To Be Continued