Bailey’s Magical Lifestyle Blog

It’s morning, the sun rises over a calm sea and a man tells his story. Wait, how can I tell if it’s a setting sun or a rising sun in that photo?

In this new era of technology our social structure is slowly collapsing. With its decline new questions arise: Can you master the art of Tinder? What’s the best strategy for walking across the country in the modern world? Should you add meditation to your daily routine?

Each month I set a challenge for myself to work on the art of “Mastering” the modern struggles of the millennial. Just picture all the late night talks with your friends, the dreams, the theories, I live them for 30 days, documenting each day. (Occasionally picking the top 8 to summarize the whole experience.)

I ask you to join me in this journey. To stand with me, to be my strength and motivation to make it through the 30 Day Challenge.

Welcome to Bailey’s Magical Lifestyle Blog~~