Building a Business in 30 Days

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Towards the end of last month my roommate and I started a new recruiting company. Now we are going to put the pedal to the metal! I look forward to testing how quickly we can build a business and the struggles we encounter along the way.


Day 1:

The Company is born! Leviathan Solutions, LLC. (I love how that sounds.)

Earlier today my roommate (RM for short) went and bought our business license and made contact with a recruiter that we have our eyes on, to pull over to our team.

I began looking for the best way to build us a website (to make us look legit) and scout potential first clients.

We have talked it over and have agreed making a website is the number one priority!

Day 2:

Still struggling with finding a way to build a website. I can’t get the look that I am after…

Using Squarespace this is what I have so far:

Not totally sold on the photo or the message of the home page, but you have to start somewhere!

Scheduled a couple appointments with potential clients over the weekend. Things are starting to heat up!

Day 3:

Made a Facebook page for Leviathan.

Also, made my RM and myself custom email addresses. (It’s pretty badass) Going to spend tonight looking into getting a Logo.

Day 4:

Great news! We won over the recruiter my RM spoke with on Day 1! He has joined our team and all systems are go. We negotiated a performance based partnership with him and he is energetic and ready to get to work. Made some more headway on the website.

Day 5:

Finally got our Contact Us page fully functional on our website.

Linked it to our custom email address. #feelinglegit

I had no idea creating a business website took so much time. This has been far harder then originally thought!

Day 7:

Started working on a Logo. Came up with a couple ideas.

Not super thrilled with the silhouette or color layout but I like the having the “L” on its shell. It gives us the ability to do something cool like this:

Not bad for a few minutes of work!

Day 8:

Guess who has two thumbs and a company email. This guy.

Day 9:

Spoke with our potential first client today, semi good news. They are really excited about working with us, but they need to first find out how to get out of their contract with their current recruiting company…

We all have a strong hope that it won’t prove to difficult, they haven’t found a new employee in over four months! That’s exactly how we are going to win this client.

We have already started looking for a new recruit.

Day 10:

Couldn’t design a Logo I liked so I ended up turning to 99Designs. Immediately got incredible results! 99Designs is a website that brings together Graphic Designers from across the globe, you summit an idea of what you want your logos feel to be and they all get a chance to submit a design. After a predetermined number of days you choose your favorite. Easy as that.

It has been a fun and exciting experience and I am super impressed by the results thus far.

We have a couple days left in the contest so I am going to wait until the end to choose my favorite.

Day 11:

I have begun to hate Squarespace. Scrapping everything I have made on the Website so far and switching to WordPress. Feast on all its glory.

Great looking rough draft, am I right? WordPress has been so much easier to use. I don’t know what I was thinking not starting with them in the first place.

Day 12:

Got my “Team” photo uploaded!

Working on getting the other guys to get me some photos and a brief description on themselves. Website is almost finished!

Day 13:

Moving on to just a few finalists with our 99Designs contest! Super excited to choose a winner!

Day 14:

Got into a dilemma today. Our applicant we had on board for our first client bailed. (They ended up moving out of the state.)

Now we are back to looking for a new one. Everything else has lined up pretty well, if this is the only issue we have starting out then we are looking good!

Day 15:

Found an accountant to be our registered agent! (The best part is he is will to help us out free of charge) He immediately started filing our federal ID number.

Day 16:

I believe we have found a champion from our 99Designs contest. Behold!!

It’s like looking directly into the sun!

Day 17:

Having major trouble connecting the website I have been building to our domain name.

After doing some research I found out that it’s going to be 46 days until our domain is ready. 46 days! I wanted to be a millionaire and retired by then! But, as they say, good things come to those who wait. Plus, I have a lot to do in the mean time.

Day 18:

Started talking to a new client about jobs that they have posted. I got them excited to be working with us, they asked for a contract for them to read over and sign. (That way we are guaranteed payment after they hire a candidate from us.)

My RM started working on getting the contract typed out right away.

Day 19:

Still waiting on getting files sent over to us from our 99Designs winner…

As soon as I receive them I am getting cards made! Very excited!

Day 20:

My RM and I went to a networking event at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. (I love this city!)

This is the Entrepreneur Centers mission statement:

“The EC is a Nashville based non profit organization on a mission to connect entrepreneurs with critical resources to create, launch and grow businesses.”

How cool is that!? Plus, check out how beautiful the building is…

Once upon a time this building housed old Nashville Trolley Cars, now it houses some of the brightest minds in Nashville.

We made a lot of incredible connections and received some great advice!

We need business cards ASAP.

Day 21:

I have started reading into which company has the best reviews and has the right flow for printing our cards.

Stay posted.

Day 22:

So, I have been going nonstop since this Challenge started and it is Sunday.

I am taking the day off. Now to try and force myself to rest without stressing out about all the stuff I need to do.


Day 23:

Got our Facebook page all decked out with the new Logo.

Super excited! Now time to start sharing it around.

Day 24:

Okay, I will admit it. I love our Logo! It goes so well with any business card template. Check it:

I still want to play around with a bunch of different templates, just to make sure I find the “one”.

Day 25:

Getting really close to Day 30!

It is mind boggling how quickly we put Leviathan Solutions together, and how much work we still have left to do.

We put together a list of local companies looking for talented employees.

Now it is my job to start calling them all and convince them to put their faith in Leviathan Solutions. I better get started.

Day 26:

Ordered business cards!! I hope that they arrive before Day 30, if not I will come back and post a photo of them as soon they get here.

I’ll keep you updated.

Day 27:

My RM and I sent out a few contracts to potential clients and got them to sign! This is a pretty big deal. Now all we need to do is find them some candidates and we can start getting paid.

I swear, the first check we receive will be the greatest day of my life.

Day 28:

Managed to reach out to one of the companies we meet through the networking event we went to on Day20, he is excited to start working with us. Sent him a contract and he got back to us super fast with the signed documents.

Now we just need to keep looking for candidates!

Day 29:

Tomorrow is the last day. Where did the time go?

Day 30:

This is it. The last day. Reading over this month’s challenge fills me with a lot of pride, we all have put in so much time and effort while also managing our day to day responsibilities.

If their is one thing I have learned from this challenge is that these things take time. I was hoping to have a celebratory photo of our first check by the end of this, but it just didn’t work out that way. I would say I am disappointed but after seeing all that we have accomplished in just 30 Days is astounding! I really couldn’t be happier.

Now we just need to stay vigilant, and each day keep working towards our goals. I have complete faith that I will come back to this post after we receive a check, in the meantime it is time for next month’s challenge!

Thank you all so much for reading and as always I will see you next month!

Bailey’s Magical Lifestyle Blog~~


13 thoughts on “Building a Business in 30 Days

  1. Firstly the logo is absolutely amazing and gripping! I’m really glad you picked such one (even if I don’t know the alternatives haha). It’s intense as well as professional!

    Also this is really encouraging that you gave such a glimpse over 30 days because Im contemplating on starting a business as well officially.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks! I highly recommend starting one. It took a tremendous amount of effort but it just keeps on growing.

      I have no doubt that all our hard work will pay off in the long run! 😊 Good luck on your business venture!


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