8 Greatest Bars in Nashville

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Last month I traveled around Nashville going to a new bar each day, (Read Here) now I have chosen my 8 favorite. This was really difficult, I went to a lot of incredible bars and got to meet so many wonderful people. I chose each bar based on what it brings to Nashville and it’s potential for late night awesomeness. Enjoy.

Number 1:

Day 2:

The Bar: Pinewood Social

The Atmosphere: Incredibly hip. This place is packed at any point in the day, and it is filled with all beautiful and well dressed people. They had three hosts right at the front entrance to assist me, I asked if I could sit at the bar and they politely said “Of course!”. Immediately to the left of the entrance is a cool little coffee shop.

It’s an amazing thing being able to get an espresso shot after a delicious meal. As I made my way up to the bar I had a little trouble finding a seat. (The place was packed!) I managed to find a single seat available. Once I sat down it was a couple minutes before the bar tender approached me.

The Drink: Easy Like Sunday Morning (Cortado with Fernet-Branca and Demerara)

I figured the best way to try their coffee parlor and bar at the same time is to order one of their specialty coffee cocktails. (You heard me right.) Creamy body, lush coffee flavor with a dash of bitterness caused by the Fernet cutting through on the finish. After striking up a conversation with the couple on my left I thought now is the perfect time for food.

The Food: Whole Wheat Waffles (With Fruit)

Holy shit I was a happy man. I felt the need to get waffles to go with my East Like Sunday Morning cocktail. (Also, in Nashville every restaurant just serves pancakes! Finding waffles anywhere other than at Waffle House is a big deal.) Match made in heaven! I swear sometimes life is more amazing then I could possibly imagine. (I really love waffles.)

The Conclusion: Before I wrap up, take a look at the photo below..

This son of a bitch has a bowling alley in it! You are able to rent out a lane and get full service while bowling with your friends. How amazing is that?? Truly a place to enjoy any occasion at. If you have a business meeting, Pinewood Social. Have a birthday party to plan? Pinewood Social. No wonder the place is packed all the time.

My Total: 1 Cocktail, 1 Waffle = $19.57

Number 2:

The Bar: The Patterson House

The Atmosphere: Badass. Tucked in the corner of a shady building on a dark block you will find The Patterson House. At the top of the stairs next to their old wooden door you see your first, and only, sign; the first confirmation that your at the right address. As soon as you step in you enter a small room full of waiting people. Standing behind a podium is a beautiful young lady ready to add your name to the waiting list. (Luckily, I know some peeps working here to sneak me in. Yeah, I am cool like that.) The hostess turns to her left and pulls on a large curtain to walk me to my seat. The Patterson House raises the standard on modern speakeasies.

The bar room is set up with tables along the wall with a large rectangular bar in the center of the room. I am brought to my seat and almost immediately a sharply dressed bartender is there to answer any questions and take my order.

The Drink: Custom Drink (No Idea)

While looking over the menu one of the bartenders I know comes over asking if I want to try a cocktail he is working on.

Within a few minutes he returns with his drink.

Delicate touch of orange pith on the start that turns into a mellow vanilla flavor. Although I got several rounds of drinks I wanted to show you this brand new cocktail. It is all the amazing bartenders that truly make The Patterson House stand out from other bars in Nashville. I have never seen a more dedicated staff constantly working and improving their custom drinks, all made for you to enjoy.

They also have a full kitchen with a master chef on staff. (The food here is incredible) Unfortunately, I already had dinner.

The Conclusion: Easily one of the best places in Nashville for top notch cocktails. It has a stellar bar room, with the some of the best bartenders in Nashville pouring drinks. The Patterson House has become a staple in the Nashville night life and I couldn’t imagine the city without it.

My Total: 3 cocktails = $36.00

Number 3:

Day 6:

The Bar: Blend Bar and Cigars

The Atmosphere: Classy. Easily over looked on a busy street in the middle of downtown Nashville is where you find this gem. I arrived a few minutes before they opened and a group of gentlemen wearing custom suits waited outside, eager to get to their drinks and cigars. On the dot at 4:30pm the doors opened. A lovely older lady showed us in. With a lounge area large enough to sit 24 in huge comfy chairs, tables along the wall, and a bar with 8 beautiful bar stools, I had no trouble finding a place to sit. The whole building smelt like potpourri and my grandfather’s study. (In a good way) Once I sat down I was brought a huge menu with the first two pages filled with bourbon and scotch.

The Drink: W. L. Weller (Buffalo Trace Distillery)

They had W. L. Weller for $8 pours, how could I refuse? For those of you who aren’t well versed in Bourbon, *shame* W. L. Weller is basically the cousin of Pappy Van Wrinkle. (Bring on the Bourbon Trolls!!) Most Weller barrels are Pappy barrels that didn’t make the cut and became labeled as Weller.

Rich body that takes on beautiful hints of vanilla with a long finish of sweet corn and cinnamon.

They do have food here, but I chose to go with a cigar. (Loving life)

The Cigar: Davidoff Grand Cru #3

Due to my limited knowledge of cigars, I asked for a recommendation to go with my Bourbon. They brought me a Davidoff Grand Cru #3. (I love the wine reference) Hailing from the Dominican Republic, I noticed high levels of spice and dry rubbed meat. Paired with my Bourbon I was a very happy man.

The Conclusion: With a full bar and a walk in humidor the Blend Bar is great for an after work drink, place to lounge, or an easy way to impress a date. As I type this the place is beginning to fill with regulars and first time customers. Everyone is relaxing and mingling, joyful that work is over and it is time to kick back. I can see why this place is easy to return to, I am just now leaving and already I want to go back.

My Total: 1 Bourbon, 1 Cigar = $18.83

Number 4:

Day 9:

The Bar: Green Hour

The Atmosphere: My life will never be the same. During the day this one of a kind establishment is a lovely chocolate shop. They specialize in small batch artisan chocolates that will literally cause your brain to melt with happiness. (Results may vary.) As if that wasn’t enough, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night they turn on a green light hanging above their front window, this means the Green Hour is now open. The menus get switched out and replaced with a large selection of absinthe drips and cocktails.

The Drink: St George Absinthe (Alameda, CA)

Absinthe, my one true love. If you have never experienced an absinthe drip let me run you through the steps.

1 Take your absinthe spoon and lay it on top of your glass.

2. Put your desired amount of sugar cubes on your spoon.

3. Turn the nozzle on the absinthe fountain. (It’s the thing that looks like it was stolen from Jabba’s Palace)

That’s it. Let the water drip on your sugar and it will dissolve into your glass. Sweeten to taste. I prefer my absinthe ridiculously bitter with just a dash of sugar and water. Just to make sure you have the perfect experience they give you a piece of chocolate to eat after you finish your drink.


I love the pairing. The sweet chocolate truffle is a great way to chase down the bitter taste of black licorice left in your mouth from the absinthe.

The Conclusion: The Green Hour is magical! The music is on point, chocolate is superb, and absinthe makes any occasion better. This place is super small and you might find yourself sharing a table with random strangers, (I think this is awesome) so if you ever find yourself in Nashville and see the green light on, pull up a chair. Who knows, you might sit down next to Vincent van Gogh. (To soon?)

My Total: 1 absinthe drip, 2 chocolates = $15.00

Number 5:

Day 18:

The Bar: Hurry Back

The Atmosphere: Awesomeness. On the wall immediately to your left as you enter the establishment you notice an old film being projected. While you gaze in wonder at the projection you almost run into their badass bar. You stumble on top of your seat and ask the bartender for a menu. He informs you that they are currently doing $2 dollar Tacos and Canned Beer. Your stomach growls as he gives you this information, with your order placed you turn back to the projection.

The Drink: Abita Purple Haze (Abita Springs, Louisiana)

Light and fruity, it’s what you would expect from a raspberry lager. As you sip your beer the Bartender shares a little info about Abita Brewing. “Founded in 1986 the brewery first broke ground 30 miles north of New Orleans.” the Bartender said “In 1994 they moved a little down the road to keep up with demand, they haven’t slowed down since. Enjoy.” You thanked him and went back to your conversation you started with the Patron on your right.

The Food: One of every Taco

When your food arrives you hardly remember ordering it. Not because it took long, but because you are having to much fun and forgot about it, being locked in a deadly battle of Connect Four with the Patron on your right also took a lot of focus. You bite into your first Taco and warmth washes over your body. Taking a sip from your beer magic happens. Feelings you have never felt before carry you to a new limit of happiness. The world is at peace.

The Conclusion: Okay, this place is so awesome I feel like I was in 3rd person the whole time. The happy hour offers crazy good prices. All the games are free. (Including a Super Nintendo with a bunch of games to choose from.) Food is incredible and a bunch of brews are on tap. I am not meaning to brag, but I just moved a block away from this place and I couldn’t be prouder. I am going to add this to my list of regular stops.

My Total: 1 beer, 4 tacos = $10.00 (I love how little all that cost me!)

Number 6:

Day 23:

The Bar: Kung Fu Saloon

The Atmosphere: Retro. Kung Fu Saloon took Nashville by storm! I had the pleasure of being one of their first customers the night they opened their doors, even at this “soft opening” they were packed! Old arcade games, skee-ball, ping pong, shuffle board, etc.. you will never be bored here. At around 11:00pm the crowds show up; once that happens you are packed in like sardines. (Plus side: Plenty of cute people to dance with, or rub up against as you make your way to the bathroom by accident.) I squeezed my way to the bar and ordered a drink.

The Drink: Espolòn Tequila (Blanco. Jalisco, Mexico)

Tequila! My favorite spirit, and Espolòn is incredible for the price! Deep notes of heavy vanilla, coffee, and agave stand out on the palate. Add a lime, don’t squeeze it, let it fall to the bottom of your glass to add a subtle flavor. I took my drink and went to stomp folks at Connect-Four, played about thirteen games and walked away undefeated. (I am unnaturally good at Connect-Four.) Joined a group of friends and finished my drink.

The Conclusion: I spend a lot of time at this bar. Tons of games, good bartenders, and cute girls. Another advantage of it being super packed is you can mingle with a few different groups of friends and by the time you leave you’re friends with everyone. Time stands still at Kung Fu, you arrive early, play a few games, and before you know it it’s last call. You’ve been warned.

My Total: 1 tequila, neat = $8.50

Number 7:

Day 25:

The Bar: Bar Sovereign

The Atmosphere: Chill as shit. Bar Sovereign adds a new level to kickass bars. Visually stunning art covers every inch of the building. Some of the most chill music plays over the loudspeakers. Another amazing thing about this bar is that it stays empty until about 12:30am. (In Nashville, finding a place not packed with people is incredibly difficult.) It’s the place all the late night people hang after work, it’s filled with servers and bartenders from all over Nashville. In the Wine and Spirits industry Bar Sovereign is a legend.

The Drink: B.S. (Bourbon, Cappalletti, Lemon, Amaro Foro, Bitters, Mint)

Surprisingly clean and refreshing. I normally don’t choose cocktails because they taste sticky and sweet to me, but this drink was the exact opposite of that. The acidity of the lemons keeps the sweetness in check while the mint cleans the palate with a refreshing finish. I am almost happy I don’t know how to make this drink, I feel like it would be the death of me.

For food all they have are bags of chips. They want all your focus to be on your drinks and the people sitting next to you. They kick so much ass.

The Conclusion: If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, this bar is kickass.

My Total: 1 cocktail = $12.99

Number 8:

Day 26:

The Bar: L27

The Atmosphere: Success! Something about drinking a well made cocktail at the highest roof top bar in Nashville makes you feel successful. And I know I normally take a photo of the bar but the pool is so crazy awesome I had to show you guys. L27 reminds me of a bar you would hang out at after watching a game of blitzball in Zanarkand. (#obscuregamerreference) Located on top of the Westin Hotel in downtown Nashville they offer a stunning view of the city I have come to love.

The Drink: L27 G&T (Gin, Tonic, Lemon, Pine Branch?)

It’s moments like this that I always look back on and think how great life is. I ran into some friends as I made my way outside so I pulled up a chair next to their table and started chatting. My drink is ice cold with just a touch of effervescence from the tonic, the Gin keeps it dry and clean. The allure of this establishment is that it makes everything better, as you sit drinking and talking with your company you feel unstoppable, at L27 everyone is a rich fat cat without a care in the world.

The Conclusion: Look at this view! Need I say more?

My Total: 1 cocktail = $12.00


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  1. This was such a great review of Nashville. I’ve always wanted to go there! From your pictures, it looks like Nashville is combination of Portland hipster bars and Los Angeles swankiness.

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