30 Bars in 30 Days

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Very excited about this months challenge. Like I stated in our last challenge (Read Here) I am a fine Wine and Spirits Sales Representative living in one of the most exciting cities in America; Nashville, TN. So, it makes the most sense that I need to talk about all the amazing bars Nashville has to offer.

That brings us to this months challenge.

For the next 30 days I will head to a new bar each day to talk about the atmosphere at the bar, the drink I chose, and if it is worth checking out. At the end of our 30 Day Challenge I will choose my top 8 Favorite Experiences and rank the Nashville nightlife.

Let’s begin.

Day 1:

The Bar: Tavern Midtown

The Atmosphere: Very friendly. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by four smiling faces. They immediately went to seat me at a table. Due to the fact I am alone I asked to be seated at the bar, my hostess said “Of course! It is open seating.” I had little difficulty in finding room because they have 18 seats to choose from! I was only seated for roughly 10 seconds before I had a menu in front of me and a bartender asking if I had any questions. With it being a rainy day in Nashville I chose a local porter to warm my soul.

The Drink: Potbelly Porter by Ole Shed Brewing (Tullahoma, TN)

I chose wisely. The porter was an incredible way to warm up from the cold rain outside. I also love Porters because they taste like a drink you could order at the Prancing Pony. (Yes, I went nerdy.) The Potbelly Porter has a rich full body with hints of vanilla, dark chocolate, and a dash of cinnamon. With having a full menu, I thought food was the only way to make this whole experience a little better.

The Food: Two Fish Tacos

Okay, I will admit it, I am a sucker for Tacos. Any menu I see Tacos on I can’t help myself. It only took a couple minutes for my food to come out, a major plus. Most bars in Nashville take forever for the food to come out. I ate one of my tacos within the first 0.7 seconds of them being set in front of me. (Alas, it didn’t make the photo.) Ordered a second round of porter to go with my Tacos.

The Conclusion: With 14 Plasma Big Screens, comfortable seating, and a great choice of bar food, the Tavern is a great place to catch the most important games or just relax with a friend. The beer is reasonably priced, the food is to be as expected due to their location.

My Total: 2 beers, 2 tacos = $22.40

Day 2:

The Bar: Pinewood Social

The Atmosphere: Incredibly hip. This place is packed at any point in the day, and it is filled with all beautiful and well dressed people. They had three hosts right at the front entrance to assist me, I asked if I could sit at the bar and they politely said “Of course!”. Immediately to the left of the entrance is a cool little coffee shop.

It’s an amazing thing being able to get an espresso shot after a delicious meal. As I made my way up to the bar I had a little trouble finding a seat. (The place was packed!) I managed to find a single seat available. Once I sat down it was a couple minutes before the bar tender approached me.

The Drink: Easy Like Sunday Morning (Cortado with Fernet-Branca and Demerara)

I figured the best way to try their coffee parlor and bar at the same time is to order one of their specialty coffee cocktails. (You heard me right.) Creamy body, lush coffee flavor with a dash of bitterness caused by the Fernet cutting through on the finish. After striking up a conversation with the couple on my left I thought now is the perfect time for food.

The Food: Whole Wheat Waffles (With Fruit)

Holy shit I was a happy man. I felt the need to get waffles to go with my East Like Sunday Morning cocktail. (Also, in Nashville every restaurant just serves pancakes! Finding waffles anywhere other than at Waffle House is a big deal.) Match made in heaven! I swear sometimes life is more amazing then I could possibly imagine. (I really love waffles.)

The Conclusion: Before I wrap up, take a look at the photo below..

This son of a bitch has a bowling alley in it! You are able to rent out a lane and get full service while bowling with your friends. How amazing is that?? Truly a place to enjoy any occasion at. If you have a business meeting, Pinewood Social. Have a birthday party to plan? Pinewood Social. No wonder the place is packed all the time.

My Total: 1 Cocktail, 1 Waffle = $19.57

Day 3:

The Bar: McNamara’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

The Atmosphere: Cozy and inviting, I felt right at home taking a seat at the bar. With their walls filled top to bottom of historical photographs, Gaelic sports memorabilia, Irish music albums and instruments this place looks the part. To top it all off the bartender was from Ireland! (Complete with an Irish accent.) Looking over the menu I went with an old classic.

The Drink: Irish Coffee (Jameson’s, hot coffee, and sugar. Stirred, and topped with thick cream)

As soon as I take my first sip I immediately feel the warmth of my drink rush through my body. The hot coffee combined with the Jameson’s adds a few layers of warmth. The heavy cream on top is chilled and acts like a barrier protecting your lips from the hot liquid below. After finishing my drink I ordered an appetizer.

The Food: Irish Nachos

I know it looks like a pile of dog food, but oh my word this stuff is amazing. Basically it is a kitchen shelf piled on top of a bed of home-cut potato fries. Cheese runs through the center of the whole plate holding together the toppings like glue, making it a great finger food. Grab a fry and dig in.

While I am eating Nosey Flynn takes the stage and starts playing incredible traditional and modern Irish classics.

Taking center stage of the group with his amazing band mates (David Coe and Josh Culley) is Sean McNamara himself. (The main proprietor of this fine establishment.) Between the three of them is enough stage charisma and chemistry to fill the whole building. (You can’t help but raise a glass and drunkenly sing Irish tunes while sharing a pint with your mates.)

The Conclusion: With as many awards as McNamara’s has earned (#1 Irish Pub by Ireland of The Welcomes, just to name one) it is no surprise that the staff, atmosphere, drinks, and food are all top notch. McNamara’s has worked it’s way into my heart and I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon then stopping by for a pint and delicious food.

My Total: 1 Cocktail, 1 Irish Nachos = $20.00

Day 4:

Today was Labor Day. Everything was shut down, big plans for Friday to make up for the lost day.

Day 5:

The Bar: The Patterson House

The Atmosphere: Badass. Tucked in the corner of a shady building on a dark block you will find The Patterson House. At the top of the stairs next to their old wooden door you see your first, and only, sign; the first confirmation that your at the right address. As soon as you step in you enter a small room full of waiting people. Standing behind a podium is a beautiful young lady ready to add your name to the waiting list. (Luckily, I know some peeps working here to sneak me in. Yeah, I am cool like that.) The hostess turns to her left and pulls on a large curtain to walk me to my seat. The Patterson House raises the standard on modern speakeasies.

The bar room is set up with tables along the wall with a large rectangular bar in the center of the room. I am brought to my seat and almost immediately a sharply dressed bartender is there to answer any questions and take my order.

The Drink: Custom Drink (No Idea)

While looking over the menu one of the bartenders I know comes over asking if I want to try a cocktail he is working on.

Within a few minutes he returns with his drink.

Delicate touch of orange pith on the start that turns into a mellow vanilla flavor. Although I got several rounds of drinks I wanted to show you this brand new cocktail. It is all the amazing bartenders that truly make The Patterson House stand out from other bars in Nashville. I have never seen a more dedicated staff constantly working and improving their custom drinks, all made for you to enjoy.

They also have a full kitchen with a master chef on staff. (The food here is incredible) Unfortunately, I already had dinner.

The Conclusion: Easily one of the best places in Nashville for top notch cocktails. It has a stellar bar room, with the some of the best bartenders in Nashville pouring drinks. The Patterson House has become a staple in the Nashville night life and I couldn’t imagine the city without it.

My Total: 3 cocktails = $36.00

Day 6:

The Bar: Blend Bar and Cigars

The Atmosphere: Classy. Easily over looked on a busy street in the middle of downtown Nashville is where you find this gem. I arrived a few minutes before they opened and a group of gentlemen wearing custom suits waited outside, eager to get to their drinks and cigars. On the dot at 4:30pm the doors opened. A lovely older lady showed us in. With a lounge area large enough to sit 24 in huge comfy chairs, tables along the wall, and a bar with 8 beautiful bar stools, I had no trouble finding a place to sit. The whole building smelt like potpourri and my grandfather’s study. (In a good way) Once I sat down I was brought a huge menu with the first two pages filled with bourbon and scotch.

The Drink: W. L. Weller (Buffalo Trace Distillery)

They had W. L. Weller for $8 pours, how could I refuse? For those of you who aren’t well versed in Bourbon, *shame* W. L. Weller is basically the cousin of Pappy Van Wrinkle. (Bring on the Bourbon Trolls!!) Most Weller barrels are Pappy barrels that didn’t make the cut and became labeled as Weller.

Rich body that takes on beautiful hints of vanilla with a long finish of sweet corn and cinnamon.

They do have food here, but I chose to go with a cigar. (Loving life)

The Cigar: Davidoff Grand Cru #3

Due to my limited knowledge of cigars, I asked for a recommendation to go with my Bourbon. They brought me a Davidoff Grand Cru #3. (I love the wine reference) Hailing from the Dominican Republic, I noticed high levels of spice and dry rubbed meat. Paired with my Bourbon I was a very happy man.

The Conclusion: With a full bar and a walk in humidor the Blend Bar is great for an after work drink, place to lounge, or an easy way to impress a date. As I type this the place is beginning to fill with regulars and first time customers. Everyone is relaxing and mingling, joyful that work is over and it is time to kick back. I can see why this place is easy to return to, I am just now leaving and already I want to go back.

My Total: 1 Bourbon, 1 Cigar = $18.83

Day 7:

The Bar: City Winery

The Atmosphere: Today was a little different then other days. Instead of me going to the bar as a customer I had to go to City Winery for a Trade Show. A Trade Show in the Wine and Spirits industry means you head to a set location and drink a ridiculous amount of alcohol. (Work. Am I right?) Even though I wasn’t a real customer I have to say the staff here is on top of everything. Not only does the venue look spectacular the team went above and beyond to meet all our needs. During the Show I managed to grab a glass of wine and sneak off on to the balcony.

The Drink: Reserve Benoit XII (Châteauneuf du Pape)

Watching a sunset over the skyline of Nashville while drinking a Châteauneuf, could life get any better? I think some of the most well rounded wines come out of Châteauneuf du Pape. With a perfect balance of acidity and tannins, you can drink them young or lay them in the cellar for a few years. Being located just a stones throw from downtown, City Winery’s multiple balconies offer a picture perfect view of Nashville.

They also put together a slamming charcuterie board.

The Food: Charcuterie Board

Dried meats, fancy cheeses, crackers, and fruit, they have it all. A well put together charcuterie board is a must for any wine tasting. (That might have been the snobbiest/fanciest thing I have ever said.)

The Conclusion: Extensive wine list, world class chef and stunning scenery. City Winery is a great place for a date or business meeting. I have been to several Wine events here and every time they never disappoint. I also didn’t mention that they have a full stage in the back that hosts some of the top acts in the music industry. Just one more thing that puts City Winery a step ahead of other stops in Nashville.

My Total: 4 glasses of wine, 3 pours of scotch, 6 trips to the charcuterie board = Free bitches.

Day 8:

The Bars: Winners & Losers

The Atmosphere: It didn’t seem right separating these two bars between two different nights. Located in the heart of Midtown you can find these staples of the Nashville night life. If you are looking for a country dive bar with a little less tourists then on Broadway, look no further. Winners has a full karaoke stage and Losers has live performances from local Nashville musicians every night. Feel free to wear a plaid button up, baseball cap, jeans, and cowboy boots. (Of course your friends will never find you in the crowd if you do.)

The Drinks: Left: Yazoo Dos Perros (Nashville, TN) Right: Losers Lager (Nashville, TN)

I wanted to give a shout out to some local Tennessee brews. Yazoo has been supplying Nashville with delicious drinks since 2003. Since then Yazoo has taken over Nashville, at this point it feels weird going to a bar that doesn’t have at least one Yazoo brew on draft. Along with a large selection of “Core Skus” Yazoo also makes “Specialty” projects for several bars and restaurants scattered throughout Nashville, hence the Losers Lager. Two tasty beers, one incredible brewery.

They have a full dinner menu available, but by the time I arrived the kitchen had closed. (Sad day)

The Conclusion: Live music, karaoke stage, and tons of beer on tab. If you’re looking for a honky tonk dive bar country scene and want to avoid a shit ton of people Winners & Losers is the place to be.

My Total: 2 beers = $8.00

Day 9:

The Bar: Green Hour

The Atmosphere: My life will never be the same. During the day this one of a kind establishment is a lovely chocolate shop. They specialize in small batch artisan chocolates that will literally cause your brain to melt with happiness. (Results may vary.) As if that wasn’t enough, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night they turn on a green light hanging above their front window, this means the Green Hour is now open. The menus get switched out and replaced with a large selection of absinthe drips and cocktails.

The Drink: St George Absinthe (Alameda, CA)

Absinthe, my one true love. If you have never experienced an absinthe drip let me run you through the steps.

  1. Take your absinthe spoon and lay it on top of your glass.

2. Put your desired amount of sugar cubes on your spoon.

3. Turn the nozzle on the absinthe fountain. (It’s the thing that looks like it was stolen from Jabba’s Palace)

That’s it. Let the water drip on your sugar and it will dissolve into your glass. Sweeten to taste. I prefer my absinthe ridiculously bitter with just a dash of sugar and water. Just to make sure you have the perfect experience they give you a piece of chocolate to eat after you finish your drink.


I love the pairing. The sweet chocolate truffle is a great way to chase down the bitter taste of black licorice left in your mouth from the absinthe.

The Conclusion: The Green Hour is magical! The music is on point, chocolate is superb, and absinthe makes any occasion better. This place is super small and you might find yourself sharing a table with random strangers, (I think this is awesome) so if you ever find yourself in Nashville and see the green light on, pull up a chair. Who knows, you might sit down next to Vincent van Gogh. (To soon?)

My Total: 1 absinthe drip, 2 chocolates = $15.00

Day 10:

The Bar: Sonobana

The Atmosphere: Today was a great example of a serendipity. (Is that how you would use that word?) Sonobana was next on my list of bars to check out, once I arrived I realized it was a sushi bar, not a regular bar. Unable to turn down sushi I had to try it out. Plus it has a Japanese market attached right next door and any restaurant with a grocery store attached to it makes the best food. Once I walked in a hostess showed me to my table, shortly after I sat down a waiter came to take my order.

The Drink: Sho Chiku Bai Ginjo (Sakè)

Before my food arrived I ordered a bottle of Sakè. Best idea ever. I love Sho Chiku Bai because of how great of a product it is for the price. Delicate body with major floral components, can be paired with any light dish. I hate the idea that Sakè only goes well with sushi. Next time you are having roasted chicken with a salad to start and grilled veggies as a side, do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle of good Sakè.

Half way through my bottle of Sakè, (I drink really fast) my food arrived.

The Food: Sashimi Plate

This might have taken magic to prepare. Living in a landlocked city I had given up all hope of finding good sashimi, Sonobana has shown me what a fool I was. Rich and full of flavor I have only experienced on the coast, I couldn’t help but ask my server what makes their fish so much better then other sushi joints in Nashville. Delighted that I could tell the difference he told me their secret. They get the whole fish delivered to their restaurant. Most places have their supplier cut the fish, freeze it and ship it to them, Sonobana tells them not to cut the fish before they ship it. Once it arrives at the restaurant their head chef cuts the fish into fillets and turns it into incredible food. The results don’t lie.

The Conclusion: Although it is not a true bar I have no regrets from today’s stop. The staff was super knowledgeable and friendly, really impressive list of wines, spirits, and sakè, plus the food was off the charts. Sonobana has earned a very loyal customer, no longer do I need to wait until I’m by the coast to get a delicious meal.

My Total: 1 btl of sakè, 1 sashimi plate = $22.00

Day 11:

The Bar: Greenhouse Bar

The Atmosphere: Super down to earth. Once I parked I went to the first building I saw, I walked in and it was just a grocery so I asked the staff where I could find the Greenhouse Bar, they told me out back. This bar is literally a greenhouse with a bar. Protected by a metal frame covered in plastic I took my seat. A bartender wearing a black wife beater with “Brosè” written in pink across the front came to take my order.

The Drink: Summer Lemonade (Titos Vodka, home made Lemonade, splash of cranberry juice)

I thought a spiked lemonade would be perfect on a humid Nashville afternoon. I was right. The freshly squeezed lemonade adds a touch of citrus while the Vodka keeps it from getting sticky sweet, the splash of cranberry brings in a touch of bitterness. As I sip I listen to the relaxing music playing in the background as the bar begins to fill. A hurricane is due to hit Nashville in under 20 minutes so excitement and nervousness is in the air. Maybe a Greenhouse isn’t the best place to seek shelter…

Although they have farm fresh food here I ate just before I arrived so I chose to skip food.

The Conclusion: I love the atmosphere here. The idea of having a bar inside a greenhouse is genius. It gives you the cover of being in doors but you are still surrounded by nature so it has the “energy” of being outdoors. The mixture of fresh smelling plants mixed with your cocktail is majorly delightful, the staff and regulars are happy and cheerful so you feel like you have always belonged. Just finished my cocktail and one of the patrons busted out a hacky sack, (Flashback to early 2000s) without hesitation I asked to join their circle. Needless to say I will return to try their food.

My Total: 1 cocktail = $11.00

Day 12:

The Bar: Clyde’s on Church

The Atmosphere: Hopping. Another joint in Nashville that is packed every weekend. Doubling as a bar and restaurant decked out with ping pong tables, giant connect four boards, air hockey tables, etc… It is easy to spend all night here if you find a group of friends to hang with. The wall on the opposite side of the bar is lined with tables, big comfy couches fill the middle of the room. I grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered a drink.

The Drink: Black Abbey Rose (Nashville, TN)

Yet another local Nashville Brewery. (We have so many local breweries!) Black Abby has blessed this city since 2011. They built a taproom that is modeled after a monastery. (It’s pretty badass, check it out if you find yourself in Nashville.) Medium body, a rich wheat taste with a touch of citrus towards the finish. The beer is wonderful, now for food.

The Food: Smoked Chicken Chili (Topped with Fritos)

On a rainy Nashville day drinking a pint with a cup of chili is exactly what the doctor ordered. My chili is smothered in cheese and Fritos, huge chunks of smoked chicken, and multiple kinds of beans. (Yes!) It has a small amount of spice that heats up the palate, a sip from my pint remedies the situation and leaves me a happy man.

The Conclusion: Clyde’s is a new kid on the block in the Nashville night life, but they have won the “Fastest Growing Business” award two years in a row and I can see why. Group oriented games cover the building to keep you entertained, the kitchen makes mouth watering food to keep you full, and their full bar keeps you hydrated. Combined those three attributes and you create one of the hottest joints in Nashville.

My Total: 1 beer, 1 cup of chili = $10.92

Day 13:

The Bar: Farm Burger

The Atmosphere: Chill. Walking in the man behind the counter yells “Hello!” with a smile. Farm Burger takes a focus on grass feed beef, vegan burgers, and gluten free buns. They also pour wine and have beer on tap. I order at the bar and take a seat at a nearby table. A waiter brings me my beer.

The Drink: Jackalope Bearwalker (Nashville, TN)

Thank God for all the breweries in Nashville! Jackalope Brewing Company first opened their doors on May 21st, 2011. Since then, they have created world class brews. The Bearwalker has a heavy body, deep taste of vanilla cream with a light note of birch. It was ice cold but it still warmed my soul on a rainy day. After a few minutes of waiting, my food was brought to my table.

The Food: A hamburger (It wasn’t around long enough to make the photo) and sweet potato fries.

Yeah, sorry about not getting a photo of the burger. It looked like something right out of my dreams and I couldn’t help myself. Fresh cut jalapeño peppers, pepper jack cheese, and crisp iceberg lettuce. I was no match for its power of seduction. I made sure to eat my sweet potato fries nice and slow, so I could at least savor one thing…

The Conclusion: Hip joint, good brews, slamming burgers, it’s almost a crime if you don’t check this place out. They have plenty of seating indoors and out, smiling servers are ready to take your order and put your mind at ease all while filling your stomach.

My Total: 1 burger and fries, 1 beer = $17.75


I felt bad about not getting a picture of my burger so I photoshopped a Krabby Patty in below. Enjoy.

Day 14:

The Bar: Whiskey Kitchen

The Atmosphere: Busy. A hostess stood behind a podium at the entrance ready to seat me. I asked if the bar was open seating and she told me it was, “Outside is also open seating.” she mentioned as I began to walk to the bar. Now that it has finally stopped raining I chose to sit outside to enjoy as much sunshine as possible. I walked past the busy bar and grabbed the first table I could outdoors. I sat for about two minutes before an attractive waitress came to take my order. I asked her to bring me her favorite cocktail.

The Drink: Kentucky Old Fashioned (Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Sugar, Orange and Aromatic Bitters)

She took my order and walked away. Within ten minutes she brought out my drink. She didn’t stir me wrong. (Get it?) I love drinking old fashions in the sunlight. The rich, heavy body of bourbon is perfectly balanced by the citrus and acidity of the orange bitters, the sugar lends a hand by taking the edge off.

They have a full kitchen here (Hence the name) but I ordered my drink then had to take off.

The Conclusion: Located just a stones throw from downtown, Whiskey Kitchen has become a staple in Nashville. Usually packed (with good reason) it can sometimes be a challenge finding a parking spot or a seat. They have a giant list of bourbons, whiskeys, and scotches, great list of Wine and beer on tap also. If you find yourself in Nashville and want to try some hard to get bourbons, this is the place for you.

My Total: 1 cocktail = $10.50

Day 15:

The Bar: Café Coco

The Atmosphere: The hip joint. Known more for their coffee and late night munchies then their alcohol, it might be a little strange adding Café Coco to the list. However, you would be wise to not underestimate this place, most Nashville natives start and end their night here. Always full of people on the move or just looking for a place to chill, you can find yourself in crazy situations just from stopping in for a drink. If you are not sure what to do or don’t know where to begin your night, hop in line at Café Coco and get a drink, I can guarantee that by the time you finish your drink you will be having a good time.

The Drink: Iced Coffee (Just an iced coffee. I have been drinking all night, don’t judge me!)

After walking all over Nashville, (Plus a lot of alcohol.) I found myself at Café Coco. Even though they serve alcohol I was ready to walk home after this stop, so I thought it best to just order coffee. And if you have had Café Coco coffee you would understand. With so much more flavor then any mainstream coffee joints, (I’m looking at you Starbucks) an Iced Coffee here is the perfect end of the night.

The Food: Poutine

Oh God, I know I will regret this tomorrow. If you aren’t familiar with Poutine, good for you. Mostly served in Canada and the northern United Sates this stuff is only good after a night of drinking. It is literally French fries covered in cheese curds and light brown gravy. Late at night if you set a plate of Poutine on a table surrounded by intoxicated people you will be amazed, and slightly disgusted, by how quickly they devour these bad boys.

The Conclusion: You could spend five hours a day here and never get board of this place. Truly is a paradise of nightlife adventures. Every table has a group of friends sitting around it mingling with other tables, everyone is joyful and happy. When you go to Café Coco it’s hard to tell if it is the coffee that wakes you up, or if it’s the energy that hangs over the place. Either way you leave here with a deep lust for the potential that the night brings.

My Total: 1 iced coffee, 1 poutine = $10.50

Day 16:

The Bar: Two Boots

The Atmosphere: Delicious. Okay, I’ll admit it, this 100% isn’t a bar; it’s a pizza joint. But I’ll also admit that a stop at Two Boots makes any bar 100% better. Located on Division Street, Two Boots is within walking distance of so many great bars. Staying open an hour later then all the bars gives Two Boots a major edge. (If you want to skip the line get there before last call.) Something about the place looking like a location The Beatles went to in the Yellow Submarine is really visually pleasing after 2 o’clock.

The Drink: Jackalope Thunder Ann (Nashville, TN)

Another remarkable beer by Jackalope Brewing Company. The Thunder Ann is light with deep complex flavors, unbelievably refreshing on a hot night. I normally always go for what’s on draft, but compared to what they had the Thunder Ann was a no brainer. Being a lighter style beer I couldn’t think of a bette pizza to go with it.

The Food: Pizza (V for Vegan)

Topped with artichokes, shiitake mushrooms, red onions, sweet red pepper pesto, basil pesto and Daiya non-dairy cheese, this pie has it all. Every bite was like an explosion of flavor. As I made my way through my piece of pizza, my only regret was that I didn’t order two pieces.

The Conclusion: Pizza!! Do I need to say more?

My Total: $12.00

Day 17:

The Bar: Broadway Brewhouse

The Atmosphere: Beeeeerrr. Broadway Brewhouse has five different locations spread all over Nashville. This one is their Midtown location. Walking in you could easily mistake Brewhouse for a dive bar with only Miller and Bud on tap, one quick glance behind the bar proves you wrong. I am not going to claim that they have the most taps in Nashville but they are definitely in the top five. While you sit drinking your hard to find beer music plays from a jukebox in the corner. Due to the fact that anyone with a pocket of quarters and a head full of dreams can be DJ, the music can be very random. (Pray to God no metal heads are there, I don’t know where they find all their quarters but they will take over the jukebox for hours.)

The Drink: Yazoo Hefenweizen (Nashville, TN)

I finally found a bar pouring my favorite Yazoo product! This time of year I can’t get enough of this beer! Medium body with lush flavors of banana, nutmeg, stewed pumpkin, hazelnut and fresh dough, a beer crafted for the awkward season between fall and summer. One day I will take a count on the number of bottles I drink of this stuff between August and October but I would hate to have one more list telling me I drink to much. (Doing this month’s challenge already shows I might need to cut back a little.)

This place makes some slamming bar food but I came only for the beer.

The Conclusion: It’s hard to describe this place. Everyone is happy and polite but you can tell anything goes, thirsty customers from all walks of life fill the bar stools and tables. You could see a man in a three piece suit drinking and laughing with a gentleman dressed in leather. They accept all kinds and look out for their own. Add that with one of the most impressive beer lists I have ever seen and you create a bar that people keep coming back to. Just remember, what ever you do, avoid the metal heads.

My Total: 1 Beer = $6.00

Day 18:

The Bar: Hurry Back

The Atmosphere: Awesomeness. On the wall immediately to your left as you enter the establishment you notice an old film being projected. While you gaze in wonder at the projection you almost run into their badass bar. You stumble on top of your seat and ask the bartender for a menu. He informs you that they are currently doing $2 dollar Tacos and Canned Beer. Your stomach growls as he gives you this information, with your order placed you turn back to the projection.

The Drink: Abita Purple Haze (Abita Springs, Louisiana)

Light and fruity, it’s what you would expect from a raspberry lager. As you sip your beer the Bartender shares a little info about Abita Brewing. “Founded in 1986 the brewery first broke ground 30 miles north of New Orleans.” the Bartender said “In 1994 they moved a little down the road to keep up with demand, they haven’t slowed down since. Enjoy.” You thanked him and went back to your conversation you started with the Patron on your right.

The Food: One of every Taco

When your food arrives you hardly remember ordering it. Not because it took long, but because you are having to much fun and forgot about it, being locked in a deadly battle of Connect Four with the Patron on your right also took a lot of focus. You bite into your first Taco and warmth washes over your body. Taking a sip from your beer magic happens. Feelings you have never felt before carry you to a new limit of happiness. The world is at peace.

The Conclusion: Okay, this place is so awesome I feel like I was in 3rd person the whole time. The happy hour offers crazy good prices. All the games are free. (Including a Super Nintendo with a bunch of games to choose from.) Food is incredible and a bunch of brews are on tap. I am not meaning to brag, but I just moved a block away from this place and I couldn’t be prouder. I am going to add this to my list of regular stops.

My Total: 1 beer, 4 tacos = $10.00 (I love how little all that cost me!)

Day 19:

The Bar: Corner Bar at Elliston Place

The Atmosphere: Relaxed sports/dive bar. It can be hard to find this bar not super packed with people. It has plenty of TVs covering the walls all tuned to different sport channels, but don’t mistake it for a sports bar. The Corner Bar falls right in the middle of being a Sports Bar and a Dive Bar, the crowd is equally mixed between people who care about the sports on TV and those of us who just want to get wrecked.

The Drink: Honky Tonk Honey Blonde (Nashville, TN)

I told you we have a lot of breweries. Honky Tonk first started brewing back in 2014. Their Honey Blonde has always stood out to me as a major player in the beer community. Lighter style body, on the nose I get nice sour dough, almond and honey, the palate offers more honey, fresh dough and light chocolate.

The Conclusion: Fun spot to hangout at. The crowd of patrons are easy going and it’s no challenge to find a group of people to hang with. I only ordered a beer but they make Bar food I hear it’s pretty tasty plus check out how little it cost for my beer.

My Total: 1 beer = $3.00 (Hard to argue with that)

Day 20:

The Bar: Americano Freestyle

The Atmosphere: Exciting! Flashy colors attracted my attention, it’s hard to keep focused on one thing. Delicious smelling food is being cooked just a few feet from where I’m standing. A beautiful hostess shows me to my table and I look over the menu, the manager spots me and comes out and sits down across from me. (They are one of my accounts.) We speak for a few minutes and he recommends a meal, then he quickly runs back to work. I order what he suggested and get a drink to sip on while I wait.

The Drink: Woody Creek Rye (Besalt, CO)

Okay, I’ll own up. This is one of my products I sell to them, (that’s why I have their shades) but it’s an incredible whisky! Light body packed with flavor, it’s only two and a half years old but it drinks like a champion. It’s made from 100% rye which gives it some uniqueness; most rye whiskies are a blend of grains. I lean back and sip from my drink, I start skimming through some emails when my food arrives.

The Food: Steak Tacos

I want to run away with these tacos. Start a new life. A better life. We would be happy together, in love, spending eternity locked in each other’s warm embrace. But my stomach had different plans. Tears streamed down my face as I tore and chewed on the one thing I could ever truly love. I ordered seconds.

The Conclusion: Fun and energetic! It’s hard to find a place as hip as this. Plenty to drink from and the food is spectacular! The staff is friendly and all the patrons swear by the place. I wouldn’t say this lightly but Americano Freestyle is one of my favorite accounts. Go check them out.

My Total: On the House (The owner owes me a favor)

Day 21:

The Bar: The Red Door Saloon

The Atmosphere: Red. Another bar in Nashville that is filled with people in cowboy boots. Has a few beers on draft and the regular stock spirits behind the bar. Most of the bartenders here are cute girls sooo, they have that going for them. I made my way to the bar and ordered a drink.

The Drink: Czann’s Blonde (Nashville, TN)

Seriously, Nashville? I have been in the Wine and Spirits industry for over three years, and this is a brewery I have never heard of. Maybe we can slow down on opening new breweries for a little while. Tasty light beer, a lot of malt taste with little hops, finishes nice and clean. Great beer for a hot summer night.

The Conclusion: Great bar to grab a beer at with some friends. Plenty of sitting indoors and out. On the porch they have old tables that you would typically only see on the play ground of elementary school, which is pretty rad. Their location makes it easy to get to and has several bars right around the corner. Give this bar a shot, if you dislike it you can always check out the place across the street.

My Total: 1 beer = $5.25

Day 22:

The Bar: Rebar

The Atmosphere: Okay, I drank to much and forgot to get a photo of the bar last night. I had to snatch this photo of it during the day. I apologize. Rebar is another classic bar in Nashville, a lot of people find themselves here during a typical night out. Dance floor outside with a covered top, huge smoking area, two full bars, games inside, it’s difficult to not have a good time here. I ordered a drink and made my way to the dart board.

The Drink: Stella Artois (Belgium)

It kills me they don’t have any taps here. With just a hand full of beers to choose from I ran with Stella. I’ll be honest, I have no idea how to play darts. I can always hit where I am aiming but the rules are a mystery to me. Luckily, I found a couple ladies with enough patience to teach me. Few rounds of darts, few rounds of drinks. Before I knew it, everyone in the bar was part of our group.

I am really not sure if they serve food or not. I have been here a thousand times and have never bothered to check or see anyone order food.

The Conclusion: Normally filled with cute people ready to party, Rebar will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s multilayered environment makes it easy to approach people and get a conversation started. Example: Start at the dance floor, dance like you’re possessed by Satan, find someone cute, win them over with your dance moves, head to the smoking area for a quite place to chat. Easy as that.

My Total: $5.00

Day 23:

The Bar: Kung Fu Saloon

The Atmosphere: Retro. Kung Fu Saloon took Nashville by storm! I had the pleasure of being one of their first customers the night they opened their doors, even at this “soft opening” they were packed! Old arcade games, skee-ball, ping pong, shuffle board, etc.. you will never be bored here. At around 11:00pm the crowds show up; once that happens you are packed in like sardines. (Plus side: Plenty of cute people to dance with, or rub up against as you make your way to the bathroom by accident.) I squeezed my way to the bar and ordered a drink.

The Drink: Espolòn Tequila (Blanco. Jalisco, Mexico)

Tequila! My favorite spirit, and Espolòn is incredible for the price! Deep notes of heavy vanilla, coffee, and agave stand out on the palate. Add a lime, don’t squeeze it, let it fall to the bottom of your glass to add a subtle flavor. I took my drink and went to stomp folks at Connect-Four, played about thirteen games and walked away undefeated. (I am unnaturally good at Connect-Four.) Joined a group of friends and finished my drink.

The Conclusion: I spend a lot of time at this bar. Tons of games, good bartenders, and cute girls. Another advantage of it being super packed is you can mingle with a few different groups of friends and by the time you leave you’re friends with everyone. Time stands still at Kung Fu, you arrive early, play a few games, and before you know it it’s last call. You’ve been warned.

My Total: 1 tequila, neat = $8.50

Day 24:

The Bar: Jackson’s Bar and Bistro

The Atmosphere: The Future. I don’t know why, but Jackson’s reminds me of a bar straight out of a 1980s sci-fi movie. Sophisticated Techno plays softly in a background as I walk towards the bar. Even though the inside is so inviting, Jackson’s is well known for their patio. (They’ve won several awards for Best Patio in Nashville.) It is covered year round and heated during the winter, you will be hard pressed to find a better place to sit outside on a beautiful Tennessee day.

The Drink: Wiseacre Oktoberfest (Memphis, TN)

At least it’s not a Nashville brewery this time, right? Wiseacre Brewing Company is located just a stones thrown away over in Memphis, TN. I had to get this beer, I count down the seconds every year until the Oktoberfest beers become available. Smooth clean, malt lager, toasty bread notes and sweet malt qualities emerge on the palate right before it abruptly, cleanly finishes. I sip on my beer and wait for my food.

The Food: Pulled Chicken Pasta

I cried a little when they brought this out to me. The smell rising from the bowl made my mouth water with anticipation. Five different types of cheese, freshly cut green onions and tomatoes, penne, pulled chicken, and fifty thousand spices. I ate it so fast my waitress thought there had been a mistake.

The Conclusion: Fun late night joint filled with good food and drinks. The staff is always super helpful and friendly. Many nights after hitting the gym, my friends and I find ourselves laughing and enjoying life at Jackson’s.

My Total: 1 beer, 1 pulled chicken = $19.11

Day 25:

The Bar: Bar Sovereign

The Atmosphere: Chill as shit. Bar Sovereign adds a new level to kickass bars. Visually stunning art covers every inch of the building. Some of the most chill music plays over the loudspeakers. Another amazing thing about this bar is that it stays empty until about 12:30am. (In Nashville, finding a place not packed with people is incredibly difficult.) It’s the place all the late night people hang after work, it’s filled with servers and bartenders from all over Nashville. In the Wine and Spirits industry Bar Sovereign is a legend.

The Drink: B.S. (Bourbon, Cappalletti, Lemon, Amaro Foro, Bitters, Mint)

Surprisingly clean and refreshing. I normally don’t choose cocktails because they taste sticky and sweet to me, but this drink was the exact opposite of that. The acidity of the lemons keeps the sweetness in check while the mint cleans the palate with a refreshing finish. I am almost happy I don’t know how to make this drink, I feel like it would be the death of me.

For food all they have are bags of chips. They want all your focus to be on your drinks and the people sitting next to you. They kick so much ass.

The Conclusion: If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, this bar is kickass.

My Total: 1 cocktail = $12.99

Day 26:

The Bar: L27

The Atmosphere: Success! Something about drinking a well made cocktail at the highest roof top bar in Nashville makes you feel successful. And I know I normally take a photo of the bar but the pool is so crazy awesome I had to show you guys. L27 reminds me of a bar you would hang out at after watching a game of blitzball in Zanarkand. (#obscuregamerreference) Located on top of the Westin Hotel in downtown Nashville they offer a stunning view of the city I have come to love.

The Drink: L27 G&T (Gin, Tonic, Lemon, Pine Branch?)

It’s moments like this that I always look back on and think how great life is. I ran into some friends as I made my way outside so I pulled up a chair next to their table and started chatting. My drink is ice cold with just a touch of effervescence from the tonic, the Gin keeps it dry and clean. The allure of this establishment is that it makes everything better, as you sit drinking and talking with your company you feel unstoppable, at L27 everyone is a rich fat cat without a care in the world.

The Conclusion: Look at this view! Need I say more?

My Total: 1 cocktail = $12.00

Day 27:

The Bar: Double Dogs

The Atmosphere: Televisions! Huge TVs cover nearly every wall and each one has a different sports channel playing. Ridiculously good smelling food sits in front of every patron. A host shows me to my table and brings me a menu. After looking over the drink list I made my choice.

The Drink: Bloody Mary (Pure Regret)

I don’t know why I did this to myself. I have always hated Bloody Marys but for some unknown reason I give them a chance to redeem themselves every couple months. Maybe it’s because I don’t like tomato juice, or it could be that Vodka, olives, and bacon make a terrible drink. I nursed this for over an hour and still couldn’t finish it. Now the last thing I want is food, damn drink.

The Conclusion: Awesome sports bar with good food (I have eaten here in the past) and good drinks. Still pissed about the Bloody Mary so that’s all I got. It’s a cool bar, check it out. Go now.

My Total: 1 bloody mary = $12.00

Day 28:

The Bar: Pour House

The Atmosphere: From the outside Pour House looks like it’s a fortress in Mordor. (In a good way) Multilayered balconies wrap around the front of the building, rustic wood, mud, and stone blend together to make the walls. The inside has a very industrial style setup with plenty of seating. Huge garage style doors create the walls, today they are all open. A sign sitting on the hostess stand tells me to sit wherever I would like, so I took a seat at the bar. In just a few minutes the bartender takes my order.

The Drink: Mantra Saffron IPA (Franklin, TN)

A few miles south of Nashville you will find Mantra Artisan Ales. They brew some of the most artsy beers out there, every beer has a beautiful label and a unique taste. The IPA is a hypnotizing dance between hops and malts, it starts with warm bread notes and finishes with the bitter hops. It’s a picture perfect day outside and their open wall setting allows the air to flow through the building, I drank my beer nice and slow.

The Conclusion: If I had more time I would have loved to try the Food, it looked incredible! But I had to rush off to watch Cavalia. I want to return one night on the weekend to see how bouncing they get.

My Total: 1 beer = $8.50

Day 29:

The Bar: Tin Roof

The Atmosphere: Tin Roof always reminds me of a bar straight out of New Orleans. Dark, dingy, packed and exciting, if you’re looking for a place that gets crazy every weekend look no further. During the day they put a projection screen in front of the stage and have sports playing until night sets in. As I entered I had to force through the crowd to reach the bar.

The Beer: Little Harpeth Chicken Scratch (Nashville, TN)

Back in 2014 Little Harpeth opened their doors. They remained under the radar until Chicken Scratch took off. Now another major player in the Nashville beer scene, Little Harpeth keeps making waves. Crisp and refreshing made from malts and locally grown corn with a dash of America’s only native hop variety. Great taste and awesome packaging, I love the Nashville skyline along the bottom of the can.

The Conclusion: The Tin Roof could be bad for my health. Finding bars with this level of energy can spoil you. Everyone singing and dancing to the music, plenty of alcohol, plus tons of cute tourists. Speaking of which, a beautiful young lady keeps making eyes at me from across the bar, wish me luck.

My Total: 1 beer = $4.50

Day 30:

The Bar: Tailgate Brewery

The Atmosphere: I figured it would only be appropriate if the last bar of the challenge was a brewery. Tailgate has a super convenient location with plenty of seating inside and out. An impressive number of tabs line the wall behind the bar. Every wall has a couple flat screen TVs keeping you updated on all your favorite sports shows. I grabbed the only available seat at the bar and placed my order.

The Drink: Tailgate P.B.M.S. (Nashville, TN)

One of my favorite Tailgate beers, the Peanut Butter Milk Stout is heavy and creamy, a touch of peanut butter and layered malt flavors dominate the palate. It is literally a liquid Snickers bar with alcohol. (Yes, it’s that badass.)

The Conclusion: To be honest, I am running out of descriptions for these bars. Thirty bars is a lot of bars to go to. It is a great place, if you find yourself in Nashville hit me up and I will take you out for a beer and give you a better review. There, now it’s your responsibility.

My Total: 1 beer = $5.00


Another 30 Day Challenge come and gone. I really loved this month’s experiment, I hope you learned a little about Nashville and the amazing nightlife it offers. I got to spend a lot of time with friends and be blown away by how enchanting this city truly is. Stay posted on my 8 Top Experiences, I am not looking forward to picking my 8 favorite bars, it is going to be difficult.

My Grand Total: = $346.32 (Damn)

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you next month at Bailey’s Magical Lifestyle Blog ~~


16 thoughts on “30 Bars in 30 Days

  1. Love love love this idea!! So interesting to learn about all the bars in Nashville!

    That bar you went to on Day 2 is just outstanding!! Super weird that it’s rare to find waffles out there but glad you found some amazing ones. 😊

    Can’t wait to see and read about Day 3-Day 30!

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  2. Ummm if you could do this for every major city that would be awesome!! Too much? It’s like the perfect happy hour travel guide. I reposted this on the I’m Ready FB page. Hope it gets you some more followers.

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