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It’s morning, the sun rises over a calm sea and a man tells his story. Wait, how can I tell if it’s a setting sun or a rising sun in that photo?

In this new era of technology our social structure is slowly collapsing. With its decline new questions arise: Can you master the art of Tinder? What’s the best strategy for walking across the country in the modern world? Should you add meditation to your daily routine?

Each month I set a challenge for myself to work on the art of “Mastering” the modern struggles of the millennial. Just picture all the late night talks with your friends, the dreams, the theories, I live them for 30 days, documenting each day. (Occasionally picking the top 8 to summarize the whole experience.)

I ask you to join me in this journey. To stand with me, to be my strength and motivation to make it through the 30 Day Challenge.

Welcome to Bailey’s Magical Lifestyle Blog~~

30 Days of Meditation

Welcome to Bailey’s Magical Lifestyle Blog~~

Wow. Life has been crazy.

I bite off more than I could chew last month and didn’t get to finish my Challenge. Things have been moving at an alarming rate for me, and I have been having difficulty keeping track of time.

In ode to that issue I thought a great Challenge would be on slowing down, relaxing, and regaining focus.

This month is going to be all about Meditating, and I’ll be honest, I know nothing about it! Meditating has been something that I have had a hard time comprehending. The thought of “emptying ones mind” has always remained an abstract concept to me, but practice makes perfect and their is no time like the present to get started! (Read an interesting article on Meditation here)

Day 1:

After doing some research I found that two meditating assistance apps reign supreme: Calm and Headspace.

I decided to go with Headspace for my own personal reasons, if anyone has experience with Calm I would love to hear about it!

I want to form a habit of meditating in the morning, but I am currently deathly ill with the Flu, (deathly might be exaggerating, but I truly feel awful!) so I slept in this morning and didn’t have time before work.

At around 3pm I managed to find time.

Headspace was fun and easy to use, a voice over guided the whole meditation process. I had extreme difficulty in keeping my mind and body from moving all over the place, but still found the experience enjoyable.

Total Meditation Time: 10 Mins

Day 2:

Today I managed to find time in the morning to sneak in my second session. Immediately after getting out of bed I settled down in my favorite chair and attempted to slip into a trace, I say attempted because my phone kept going off. In the ten minute time span I received the following: 1 Phone Call, 2 Text Messages, 1 Email, and 1 Notification from Facebook. All in 10 minuets… Please kill me…

I had no idea my phone pulled on my attention so frequently, tomorrow it is going on airplane mode.

This session was a little harder for me to sit still, maybe due to it being in the morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about everything I needed to do for the day, or it could be that I found the voice over extremely frustrating. I HATE people talking to me right when I wake up, especially when I am trying to relax.

After reading a couple articles about meditation while laying in bed last night, I heard countless reports of it lowering the practitioners heartbeat. I thought it might be fun to monitor mine during the course of the Challenge, I was surprised with my findings.

Check it:

Over the course of ten minutes I noticed a lot of fluctuations, a slight rise followed by a sharp decline that could put the Great Depression to shame. Granted, I am just using a Fitbit, so for “scientific” research it might not be the most reliable, but I am going to continue to record my heartbeat during each session.

Total Meditation Time: 10 Mins

Day 3:

So, it totally slipped my mind to meditate in the morning. It wasn’t until a little after dinner that I got a second chance to sit down. Compared to the mornings, I have found evening meditation to be more my speed.

Everywhere that I have read stresses the benefit of meditating in the mornings, but I get a much better session right before I begin to unwind. I also schedule my gym time in the evenings, which everyone says mornings are better for working out too. I could just be weird.

Total Meditation Time: 10 Mins

PS Forgot to record my heartbeat. I’ll do my best to not forget again.

Day 4:

My apartment was filled with people this morning, so I decided to run with an evening session again. (I am probably going to stick to evenings from now on)

I sat down immediately after taking a post-workout shower and it was incredible. Since I just finished physically punishing myself, my mind was willing to cooperate and I slipped into a wave of relaxation….

Total Meditation Time: 10 Mins

Day 5:

Huge breakthrough today.

I am not sure what I did different, but today’s session felt different.

After a long day, and an even longer shower, I got my chance to sit down. At about three minutes in (Possibly? I find it’s difficult to gauge time when meditating) a shockwave ran through my body that disconnected (?) me from my body. I found my heartbeat report fascinating:

I love that steady decline. I haven’t found anything that says it should look that way, but my gut tells me it’s an improvement from the sporadic ups-n’-downs of days past.

Total Meditation Time: 10 Mins

Day 6